Position Pharmacist
Responsible To: Program Manager
Job Description In Summary Hospital Pharmacist will assist the Project Manager in planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and reporting the project activities. Maintains close working relationship with the government authorities, civil society partners and other stakeholders.

Hospital pharmacist must be able to maintain proper record at the store. The inventory must be up to date all the time. The role of the hospital pharmacist is to provide effective administration support and focuses on achieving project goals and objectives

Job Description ·         Hospital Pharmacist will report to DR TB focal person in the hospital and Program manager.

·         Hospital Pharmacist will assist his supervisors and facilitate DR-TB staff to:

·         Plan, organize, implement and report DR TB program activities.

·         Maintains close working relationship with the hospital authorities, provincial TB Programme and other stakeholders.

·         Provide support to the DR-TB management unit in providing quality services to the DR-TB patients that will include but not limited to patient registration, provision of second line anti-TB drugs, laboratory and social support and health education.

·         Support hospital and project staff in maintaining patient data and records in both hard and soft form compile data and prepare monthly and quarterly reports for further submission to the higher levels.

·         Facilitate internal and external referral linkages for the DR-TB patients at the hospitals and with the PTP approved DOTS plus clinics.

·         Evaluate DR-TB suspects and make necessary arrangements for treatment of diagnosed DR-TB Cases.

·         Discuss and agree with the patients on the mechanisms for delivery of decentralized treatment for DR-TB at a convenient DOTS clinic for continuation of treatment.

·         Coordinate meeting with the selected DOTS clinic facility staff and DR-TB patient and finalize the arrangements for care delivery to patients.

·         Supervise Treatment Support Coordinator to conduct home visit of newly registered staff, do contact tracing and social profiling of DR-TB patient

·         Select and train suitable Treatment Supporter for each newly diagnosed DR-TB patient.

·         Ensure distribution of social support for the patient and treatment supporter. With the support of Program Assistant, maintain record of the social support distributed to the patients and treatment supporters.

·         Plan and participate in on the job and formal trainings organized by relevant health authorities.

·         Arrange retrieval of unused drugs/ materials from DOTS clinic, in case patient dies or stop taking treatment.

·         Participate in periodic intra-hospital monitoring events.

·         To prepare and timely submit activity reports/monitoring tools to the director/project manager.

·         Manage to retrieve the patient who miss his/her treatment when fail to visit PMDT site on regular intervals.

·         Assessment and registration of MDR TB patients

·         Working as part of a multidisciplinary team alongside doctors, nurses, social workers, health professionals, health visitors, psychiatrists and occupational therapists;

·         Devising and monitoring appropriate programs of treatment, including therapy, counselling or advice, in collaboration relevant specialty.

·         Offering therapy and treatments for difficulties relating to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, addiction, social and interpersonal problems and challenging behavior.

·         Providing consultation to patients

·         Provide consultation to team members when required encouraging a psychological approach in their work;

·         Educate newly registered and follow-up MDR-TB patients, as per program guidelines.

·         Participate in on the job and formal trainings organized by ACD / PR/ GF on the case management

·         Maintain close and effective working relationship with the hospital management for the implementation of project activities

·         Ensure principal of good storage practices are being followed (cleaning of racks & floors, pest & rodent control, Service of air conditioners and refrigerators)

·         Sorts out and classify entire lot of Second line ATT drugs (SLDs) and medical equipment kept at Pharmacy room.

·         Assures proper stacking, monthly/quarterly drugs demands, and inventory control as per standard guidelines.

·         Ensuring drugs conservation by optimizing the storage conditions and cold chain maintenance and temperature record.

·         Maintains record of the receiving reports and delivery notes of medical supplies and equipment.

·         Informs the Drug Management Unit and other relevant persons of the stock position, the expiry dates of existing stock and the arrival of new stock through a monthly stock report.

Qualifications & Experience Pharm. D from a recognized university, preference will be given to those candidates having additional postgraduate qualification, a minimum of 2 years of working experience in hospital pharmacy, drug management, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Skills in Microsoft Office Specially (Excel) would be an asset.
Skills MS Excel, MS Word, and PowerPoint skills are prerequisites for this position



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